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2021 M's & W's Invitational Results

Posted on October 14, 2021 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The 2021 Invitational matches were a nail biter!

Congratulations and Thank You to ALL who played, volunteered, and donated to make this event a success!

Men's Results:

After day one, the men were in a dead tie. Day two brought the Blue Nationals a tough day in the 9 ball doubles leaving the red team ahead by a 13 to 11 spread. The Nationals came back on day three and dominated the 9 ball singles with a resounding finishing score of 16 to 22.

Ladies Results:

The ladies event ran neck and neck fluctuating throughout the event! In the end, the Red American team and Blue Nationals after three days of competition were in a DEAD TIE! The three day event for the ladies came down to a sudden death doubles match with the Red Americans bringing home the win!

Top Individual results for all teams: 



1. Gina Dutton, Nita Swift

2. Chris Chaffer, Terry Fickett, Sheila McDonald, Sue, Moore, Maxine Yeager

3. Bonnie Bowmer



1. Kyril Monts

2. Nancy Campbell, Birgit Gerheim, Irene Manoriti, Lin Myrick, Cindy Oosting

3. Robin Huey, Cindy Kella



1st Tom Hauser

2. Bob Cornell, Al Hooper

3. Joe Conway, Paul Ledbetter, Zeb Riggs, Jim Turner


1. Bill Canty, Tom Mayo

2. Charles Verdick

3. Bill Bellew,Dave Bowmer, Richard Ginn



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The Education Program has been VERY WELL received and I have gotten some great feed back! It's a pleasure when we can offer something that is so well enjoyed! 

Classes are small for optimal learning and they have been filling fast with a long wait list! Thanks to the players/members who are helping with this effort! Greg Shearer, Mark Snodgrass, Jim Vicarro & Phil Leduc.

Since classes have such a large wait list, those on the wait list get first dibs on the next time that class is being offered. As soon as we get to a place where the wait list can not fill the class, more notices will go out for sign ups.

We expect them to continue into spring and as long as interest continues! Emails go out for them a few weeks before at 8am.

News for S of 44!

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The Villages has grown by leaps & Bounds and we keep asking how far south it wil go!

As a result here are some opportunities to learn about BIlliards and play:

  • FIRST - Thursday, Oct 14th at 2pm at Everglades Recreation, I will be giving a presentation on Billiards in the Villages to let residents know about the many opportunities there are to play our beloved sport!

TWO NEW activities are coming available at Riverbend Recreation S of 44:

  • Drop in Open Play for Women starting October 20th - Wednesday mornings weekly at 9am -This is a dedicated time for women who play the game at any level to gather and play pick up games. IF there is someone there who is interested in organizing a round robin and the ladies agree, that's certainly an option and great practice for any skill level! NO SIGN UP NEEDED. JUST SHOW UP A BIT BEFORE 9am.
  • Mixed Teams Handicapped 8 Ball League Targetted to start Nov 11th, weekly on Thursdays 2pm - 4:30pm. Final Format will be determined based on the number of people who sign up. Anyone wishing to participate in this league should email Gale at ASAP.


Posted on September 6, 2021 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Our NEW VBC education program is underway with the first three workshop notices out and filled!

If you didn't get in or missed them? No worries. Classes are small for optimal learning but each offering will be repeated thanks to the gracious volunteers who have committed to teaching as long as there is interest in classes through April.

Keep you eye out for the email notices that go out on Tuesday mornings at 8am for the next available class for sign up. And Wednesdays every 5 weeks for the Straight Pool workshop with Mark Snodgrass since this is a 5 week series.

Thanks again to Phil LeDuc, Jim Vaccaro, Mark Snodgrass and Greg Shearer for being so willing to share their knowledge with us!


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We have ALL been enjoying going without masks and going about life Covid free since our Villages vaccination rates are so high!

BUT, I have been hearing of more cases since vaccines, and the reduction of masking and concern for social distancing has relaxed. We have four known cases that I have heard of in the last week within our membership. That's more in one week than I ever heard during masking and lockdown! FYI - Two of the 4 people that tested positive had dizziness & nausea! Not what you would think of as Covid related.

I don't want to be an alarmist but know that even if you have been vaccinated you can still get it, be asymptomatic or not, and pass it on to your friends and family. The best news is that if you do get it though vaccinated, you will not likely be very sick, end up in the hospital or die from it. BUT, some among us are NOT vaccinated and are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill or dying if they do get it.

Covid is NOT GONE!



  • IF you feel unwell, have any respiratory or flu symptoms, stay home! VBC leagues allow for make ups in arrears in these cases. You will not forfeit matches. Just let us know.
  • IF you think you may have Covid, get tested or quarantine as recommended per the CDC protocol.
  • IF YOU GET IT PLEASE NOTIFY ME IF YOU PLAY IN A LEAGUE OR HAVE PLAYED IN ANY OF OUR EVENTS so I can let people know they may have been exposed




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Mike Fitzgerald organizes and teaches the VERY POPULAR W's beginner and novice billiards class on Saturday mornings at Big Cypress from 9:30 - 11:30am with the help of Ken Boguski. She is looking for a more advanced woman player to help these ladies learn and enjoy the game. IF you are interested in helping out, even if it's a few times a month that would be great! Maybe a few will step up and a scehdule can be worked out to help our novice and newbie women players learn to enjoy the game as much as we do! 

Email me at and I will pass it on to Mike. 

(I don't include her email here to keep it private from the internet)

Men's A/B Doubles Tourney Sept 17th

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A few spots remain for the "Friday Nite Special" M's A/B doubles Tourney on Friday Sept 17th. This will be a round robin doubles event (not scotch). Group will be laddered to the best of our ability and B players will random draw for partners. Check in is at 4pm - 4:15pm at LaHa with start at 4:30 or sooner if all are checked in. Donation is $5pp to be paid out to the top 4 places, 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%.

DON't WAIT! Email Gale at to sign up!

Drop In Play Opportunities for Novice Women

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I often hear women ask if there is any place they can go to play with other novice women.

IF you are a novice woman billiards player looking for opportunities to play with other women of you skill level there are THREE options for you:

  1. Mondays - Silver Lake 9am - 11am - This used to be an Intermediate group but  the rec dept. has changed it to an opportunity for Novice Women. Pladies who show up can play matches with a friend, practice or do a round robin and play matches with each other to help improve your game by playing more.
  2. Thursdays - Chatham Rec 1pm - 3pm - Nora O'Brien runs this group for lower skill level ladies looing for an opportunity to meet other ladies and improve their game.
  3. COMING IN OCTOBER South of 44 - Receration will be offering a ladies drop in play opportunity at Riverbend on Wednesdays from 9am - 11am. All skill levels will be welcome to show up and do pick up games, find others near your skill level to practice with, and help improve your game!
Don't miss these opportunities!
To see more  play & lesson opportunities go to our homepage activities tab


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The VBC runs the Al Parker Tournament on the third Thursday of every month. After 11 months of play, the 16 players with the most cummulative wins for the year are invited to play in an annual Championship. Each players gets an APT t-shirt. Top 4 places receive cash prizes with the top prize at approximately $100. The new annual session will begin with the October event and run through August of 2022.

This year's Championship will take place on Sept.16th at Silver Lake beginning at 8:30am. though there is limited space, spectators are welcome.

Congrats to this last year's top 16 players participating in the Championship event!

Billy Schmidt

Grover Henderson

Greg Shearer

Charles Verdick

Ron Boyle

Char Potochar

Vince Gerheim

Larry Alania

Steve Hancharick

Les Johnston

Kelle Gardiner

Roger Payer

Bob Cornell

Dale Tromski

Richard Ginn

Ginger Eng

Pro Shop Open House Coming Soon!

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A VBC Pro Shop Open house is planned for Sept. 24th before our Monthly Member Meeting from 2:30 - 4:30 at LaHacienda.

We haven't had one of these for a while but there isn't a better place for you to purchase Billiards Equiment at a nice discount! We sell to members only and don't advertise to the public so we can bring you the best deals!

Our inventory includes cues from action, Griffin and McDermott and we can special order MANY other brand names. In-stock Break sticks, single and double cue cases are available along with gloves, extensions, retractable bridges, cue clips and claws, as well as various tools to maintain your cues!

CARBON is the in thing in cues and shafts and we have a deal for you!

VBC Member Don Simpson will be on hand with his pro taper carbon shafts that he custom fits to your joint. They are available in 11.8mm, 12.5mm and 12.8mm tip sizes for $275 and can usually be delivered in a few days depending on demand. Don also sells carbon extendable extesions and does most any cue repair you can think of. BRing in your cues for price quotes on repairs and tip replacements! Tell him the VBC sent you! For every repair and sale, he makes a donation to the VBC.


Mark your calendar and come check us out!

VBC 8 Ball League Expanding South of 44!

Posted on August 30, 2021 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Our Friday VBC 8 Ball League's next session will begin in mid November!

This league is made up of Teams of 8 players of various skill levels from advanced novice players to some of the most advanced players in the Villages. We use modified APA rules and a similar format where players play a handicapped match against another player.

We plan to expand this league and have received initial authorization from recreation to secure a location for a group of teams S of 44! There are MANY new residents in that area who are eager to play!

The S of 44 group would play in their own division on an afternoon at 2pm (day TBD) They would be incorporated in our end of session Best of the Best tournaments as well as Team Championships and our end of session Awards event. Final details are still to be decided.

We're looking for a minimum of 4 Teams of 8 players.


  • If you currently play in the VBC Friday 8 Ball League, live S of 44 and would like to move to a team closer to home, and OR captain a team, please notify your current captain as well as Judy Donner, League organizer at to let her know.
  • If you have friends or family that might be interested in playing in this league, Judy is working on a wait list for next session. Have them contact her directly and ask them to include what their skill level might be. Judy will be visiting the current billiards groups S of 44 in the next few weeks to let them know about the opportunity.


February Cup Teams Drafted

Posted on November 14, 2019 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)
Cup Organizer Wendy Lord held the Feeney & Ladies Cup drafts for 2020 on Tuesday Nov 12th. Captains chose from a list of draftees made up of players that responded to the call in early November. We want to thank all players who signed up! Sign ups were vigerous which was great for Captains to make their picks, but it's always unfortunate for those players who are not drafted. Each team can only draft 13 players each year, always having to leave some interested players out. We hope that those players will find a way to enjoy and participate in the event by being scorekeepers and coming to cheer their favorite teams on to victory! (Sign ups for scorekeepers will not take place until after the first of the year.

We also want to announce that for the first time in the history of the Feeney Cup, "Preacher" Don Feeney will be playing this year in the event that was named after him!  On day 1 he will team up with Captain Mark Snodgrass and play a match of 8 ball doubles against a National Team. On day 2 he will team up with Captain Rich Ross and play a match of 9 ball doubles against an American Team. We're all excited and looking forward to watching "Preacher" play in the competition that was named after him.

Please help us congratulate the players for the 2020 Feeney & Ladies Cup Tournaments & we hope to see you all at the event in Febraury! Men play Thu. Feb. 6th at 9am, and Sat. & Sun. Feb. 7th & 8th at 2pm. Ladies play the following weekend on Fri. - Sun., Feb.14th - 16th at 2pm.

Ladie's Cup American Team

Debbie Clifford - Captain

Joan Cabral

Dariel Dodge-Diestlekamp

Judy Donner

Jeanette Garber

Kathy Gittings

Fran Grooms

Carol Kemp

Joan Kreuzer

Janine LeBlond

Char Potochar

Elena Prikhodina

Karen Pritts

Joanne Sowell


Ladie's Cup National Team

Wendy Lord - Captain

Sherrie Aly

Gale Bellew

Lynne Burke

Mary Ciesco

Ginger Eng

Donna Gessert

Jean Light

Janet Lockhart

Pat Moses

Sally Moss

Michelle Nelson

Lynn Stone

Peggy Werner

M's Feeney Cup American Team

Mark Snodgrass - Captain

Larry Berg

Fred Caprio

Bob Deibel

Ken Duma

Grover Henderson

Steve Luskey

Larry Mazza

Dan Ramp

Billy Schmidt

Greg Shearer

Don Simpson

David Watson

Don Yost


M's Feeney Cup National Team

Rich Ross - Captain

Larry Davis

Pete Fleming

Paul Gagnon

John Groza

Bob Huebsch

Don Hunter

Phil Leduc

Rocco Manoriti

Clark Pidcock

Ron Ranger

Dave Reisinger

Steve Strasburger

Barney Stuart

Cue Tip Need Replacing?

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As a courtesy to our members, here is a list of VBC Members who do cue tip replacements:

Ralph Albers - 352-350-4212

Dale Gregory - 513-403-1521

Thad Kulik - 978-994-4683 

Rik Peirce - 443-798-4155 (donates part of his proceeds to the VBC)

If you or any other VBC member you know of does cue repair, please let me know so we can include them next time.  


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Some leagues that are over for the summer bring opportunities

for Women's drop in play!

Tuesday, 9am, LaHacienda - All Skill Levels welcome - Arrive no later than 8:45 to sign in and get a spot - round robin 8 play 

Wednesday, 1pm, LaHacienda - All Skill Levels welcome but this tends to be a more advanced and challenging group - Play 6 matches of 8 ball. - $1 to play with payouts - Arrive no later than 8:45 to sign in or risk playing with a partner.

Other Weekly Year round women's drop in opportunities:

Monday, 9am, Silver Lake - All skill levels - arrive by 8:45 to sign in. 8 ball play

Tuesday, 1pm, Silver Lake - All skill levels - arrive by 12:45 to sign in. 8 ball play

Thursday, 9am, LaHacienda - All skill levels - arrive by 8:45 to sign in. 8 ball play


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The VBC regularly hosts tournament events of various kinds for fun and to give our members a chance to compete at their own skill level.

Keep an eye out for notices to sign up which go out about 2 weeks before each event. These events sell out so we do not accept sign ups until the announcement goes out so everyone has the same chance to participate.

Here is the schedule for the next few months:

Friday, May 24th - TFW - Tournament for Advanced women. (Ladies Cup Skill Level Only)

Saturday, June 8th - M's Intermediate - For men who play below Feeney Cup Level and would qualify to play in the M's Invitational Intermediate Tournament in October. (SL4 & 5 in Friday league, DIVI in VBC M's Thursday League or similar)

Saturday, July 13th - Swinging 8 Ball Night - For Couples Only - Fun event with refreshments for you and your spouse or significant other - All skill levels welcome!


Posted on May 5, 2019 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Contact Deb at if interested.

Men's & Women's Mixer

First Friday of Every Month
Silver Lake 1pm
First 12 Men & Women to sign up each month
All Skill Levels
Men will draw for partners to play round robin match
$5 pp for payouts

Contact Deb at dcanddc@gmail to sign up or to be added to her email list for this monthly event

Mixed League - Spots Remain

Tuesdays 6pm Bridgeport Scotch 8 Ball
Great for Couples that are at different Skill Levels 

Contact Deb NOW at dcanddc@gmail to sign up to begin Tuesday

WARNING RE: scam emails from the VBC

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A scam selling supplents using the Villagesbc email address!

It Recently Came To My Atttention That A VBC Member Received An Email Touting Supplements That You Should Buy.

You will NEVER receive a legitimate email from me or the vbc selling any kind of product, with the exception of our pro shop equipment!

In the event that you get something like this, it is a scam and you should delete it immediately & notify me so I can send out a warning to our members.

If for some reason you aren't sure?

In a seperate new email contact me and ask if it is legit ot not.

Summer League Opportunities

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There are two opportunities for intermediate to advanced players in leagues that George West runs.

Mondays at Hibiscus 3pm - CEO (carom) league - This is a great game to imporve your cue ball control. There is no fee to play and sessions last about 5 weeks

Thursdays at Hibiscus 9:30am - Round Robin play 8/9 ball. $10 fee to play  and sessions last about 5 weeks.

Not sure if these are a good fit for you? Stop by and check them out! Each of these is playing without a formal session until enough players have been fielded.

Contact George FMI or to sign up at: or 352-391-0013

VBC Needs Help with Teen Billiards Camp

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The VBC has been partnering with the Camp Villages program for a number of years by providing billiards players interested in paying it forward and introducing teens to the basics of the game.

The next event will take place on Tuesday, June 18th, from 10 - 1pm at LaHacienda.

We are looking for as many as 8 people to help. The class usually is full with 24 students.

Anyone wishing to help can contact me at

Senior Games

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2019 senior games are now behind us!

A special thanks goes to Mike Fitzgerald for organizing the officials and their schedules for us this year! I'd also like to thank her for running the officials training sessions and player format & rules workshops with Wayne Anderson's help. These events always help to put the officials and players on the same page regarding rules and format of the games.

Thanks to this year's officials for their help in making the games a step above. It would be difficult to have a competition of this caliber without you!

Mike added a nice touch to the officials with the ball cleaning cloths! I hope the officials used them at all locations during the event. I was away when they were handed out and brought my own. The players seemed to appreciate it.

Congratulations too to ALL participants in this year's games. Billiards had 440 spots filled making us one of the largest senior games sports in The Villages!