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Richard Johnson

Richard has lived in Polo Ridge for the last thirteen years. His hometown is North Glenn, Colorado.  Richard has six children -- three are his own and three are step-children.  He also is blessed with sixteen grandchildren and has served in the Navy.

Richard is a long time billiards player.  He started playing pool in 1946.  His billiard friends call him “The Doctor”.  His shots are straight and precise.  He enjoys playing in the Advanced Men’s Billiard League and golfing.   Richard's father helped influence his love for billiards.  As a child, he had to wait in a billiard hall for his father to pick him up after school and learned a lot watching the players.

Richard is the man to go to if you need any billiards equipment.  He sells billiard cues and accessories and will also put tips on your cue.  He can be reached at

(352) 259-3306 or

Richard was a Mobile Crane Operator but then went into a Hydraulic Hose and Fitting business of his own.  He made and sold hoses to companies that made construction equipment and mining equipment in Colorado.   Ski areas in Colorado use snow making equipment using his hoses.  

His love is to go back to Colorado often and see the beautiful mountains. 

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