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Ken Hamilton (1924 - 2013)

 Ken Hamilton was a unique individual. He was a “Kentucky Colonel” and an “Admiral in the Texas Navy.” And he was also a Scottish Rite Mason and a Shriner. As the eyeglass chairman for the Lions, he collected used eyeglasses that were recycled and distributed around the world to help change people’s lives. Ken also worked at the Lions’ driving range on Rolling Acres Road every other Monday.

Ken was a resident of The Village of Silver Lake for twenty-four years. He came here in 1988 from Dayton, Ohio where he was a carpenter and construction superintendent. Ken helped build bridges, schools, banks, churches and waste water treatment plants.

Ken played billiards since he retired in 1981. His favorite game was 8-ball and he also liked to play cribbage pool and pyramid pool. He played billiards in The Villages on Sunday and Thursday and could often be seen playing Wednesday nights at the La Hacienda rec center in Angie's league.  Ken said that he used to play golf, but billiards was his primary sport.

Ken was a widower with two children, four grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. During WWII he served in the Army with the 69th Infantry Division as a medical aid.  Ken passed on April 1st of 2013 and is missed by his many friends.

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