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Sid Drain


This spotlight is on a man fairly new to billiards - Sid Drain.

He started playing billiards three years ago when be became a member of The Villages Billiards Club. His favorite billiards game is nine ball. Sid and his wife, Stephanie, come from Mt. Prospect, Illinois. They live in the Village of Briar Meadows and have been here for nine years.

Sid is an art collector of eagles in sculpture, painting and graphics. He is a veteran from the Army and also enjoys traveling.

Prior to his retirement Sid was football and gymnastics coach for Maine West High School in Des Plaines, IL. He directed both national and international gymnastics meets and helped coach a two-time gold medalist at the LA Olympics in 1984. Sid has been inducted into three different gymnastic’s Halls of Fame and was inducted into the Western Illinois Universitys Athletics Hall of Fame for Football and Gymnastics. He was conference All-Around Champion, Parallel Bars Champion and three times Pommel Horse Champion. Sid directed the 1972 Olympic Trials for Mens Gymnastics, and was the site manager for the 96 Olympics games in Atlanta.

Sid in now a representative for Juice Plus+ which is an international company for nutritional products. He has been taking Juice Plus+ products personally for sixteen years.

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