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 VILLAGES BILLIARDS CLUB Officers President Gale Bellew
(352) 633-2257  Vice President Moe Lepenven(352) 571-8979
  2nd Vice President Annemarie Prioriello(352) 205-7469   SecretaryNita Swift(352)-750-4424
 Treasurer Wendy Lord
(352) 250-5295


About the VBC:

The Villages Billiards Club (VBC) is an organization for residents of The Villages who are enthusiasts of and actively play the sport of billiards. The purpose of the Club is to promote and encourage participation in the Sport of Billiards as a wholesome and healthy activity for all of the residents of The Villages?


The VBC is a membership based club and open to residents who want to participate in Club activities including, but not limited to, monthly meetings, dinners, fun night matches, tournaments and other non-playing social events. Membership dues is used to help support club activities. For more membership information visit our membership page. 

Monthly Club Meetings:

- The club holds a Monthly Member Meeting on the last Friday of every month held at La Hacienda Recreation center at 5pm. Occasionally, this event date is changed due to recreation center availability or major club events. Please check our website calendar to confirm the date for our next meetings

- All club members are invited to attend the monthly meeting. At this meeting the club president gives a Board of Directors report and and shares information about various club business, upcoming activities and other club news. These meetings also serve as the venue for annual club election of new officers which are held at the first member meeting of the year. Other important voting may occur at a meeting depending on the club's current business and agendas

Monthly Club Dinner & Fun Social Tournaments:

- In conjunction with the Monthly Member Meeting there is a Dinner & Fun Tournament to give the membership an opportunity to socialize and meet other club members 

Dinner immediately follows the Member Meeting which begins at 5pm

- ALL members are encouraged to join us for dinner and or play in the tournaments regardless of skill level. Mixed Teams are created to include both men and women players of various skill levels in a series of 8 matches for prizes

- The tournaments are meant to be fun & lighthearted and encourage fun and socialization over competitiveness It can also be a learning experience with the more experienced players helping their lower skilled teammates with shots during matches

- The fee to participate in this event is $7 per person. This covers the cost for dinner, tournament prize payout and other general Club expenses. There is a $5 fee for dinner only and a $10 fee for dinner and to play in both the afternoon and evening tournaments.  You may choose to play in one or both tournaments.

- Tournaments are offered each month at 3:00pm - 5:00pm and 6:30pm - 8:30pm 

- Members  must make reservations to participate no later than the Wednesday before an upcoming event so that we can plan our food and the tournament rosters. Contact Wendy at (352) 250-5295 or to reserve a spot

- Members can bring guests

- Upon the arrival at an event, players can sign up and pay for the next month?s event if they choose to

- Players who have signed up and payed for an event in advance can cancel within three (3) days of the event and apply their payment to the next event. 

- We're sorry, No refunds for No Show and No Notice

Other Events & Activities:

The VBC sponsor and promotes the following:

- The Villages 8 Ball League - This is a team based league that follows   
   APA rules of play but is not affiliated with the APA organization
- Women's Singles 8 Ball Leagues - This is a handicapped league that 
  follows BCA rules
- Billiards Snooker League

The Monthly Al Parker Tournaments
- TFC (Tournament For Champions) Tournaments hels on Friday evenings
- The Feeney Cup
- The Ladies Cup
- Other Tournaments held at various times for both Men & Women at various skill 
  levels. See our calendar for listings

Lessons & Other Education
The VBC has offered classes through the LLLC but are currently suspend while 
  the LLLC re-organizes and re-opens. Watch for upcoming news
- The club occasionally will offer & promote other one off learning opportunity

Other Activities 
The VBC also sponsors various other billiards and non-billiards social events throughout the year including Youth Summer Camp in affiliation with The Villages Recreation Department and supporting the Senior Games by providing referees.

The VBC Pro-Shop
 The club pro-shop offers equipment at reasonable prices to benefit it's 
  members. Contact Club President Gale Bellew for information.

Volunteer Opportunities
The VBC values it's members and the many talents they have. We are always hoping for active participation in club events and activities. Members who have ideas and would like to submit proposals for  new club activities or would like to serve the club in any way should contact one of our club officers.

We encourage your membership, your support of the Sport of Billiards, and your involvement in the events and activities of the Villages Billiards Club.

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Friday, Mar 31 at 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Monday, Apr 3 at 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Tuesday, Apr 4 at 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM
Tuesday, Apr 4 at 10:00 AM - 11:50 AM